The Impact Management Project is the voice of over 700 practitioners from across geographies and disciplines.

This website publicly shares consensus on how we talk about, measure and manage impact, bridging the perspectives of investment, grantmaking, business, non-profits, social science, evaluation, wealth management, policy, standards bodies and accounting (among others).

Shared fundamentals will make it easier to work together to improve our positive impact on people and the planet, and try to prevent negative impact.

The approach has been global, open and iterative through inperson and virtual sessions – and we want your continued input. Contact us with your ideas, comments and insights. Tell us how you are using this content to manage impact.

  • Are you using the dimensions to communicate your impact goals to partners?
  • How are the shared fundamentals driving the decisions you need to make?
  • Have the shared fundamentals helped you figure out what to measure, and clarified why you measure?


As the range of people working to achieve impact continues to grow, so does the need to understand each other’s expectations.

Consensus on what we need to understand about each other’s impact expectations would help us to work together and agree on how best to measure and manage performance.

We want to recognise your contribution (with your permission). Submit your logo here.